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In Shell Pawnee Pecans – 3, 5, 15, & 25 lbs

In Shell Pawnee Pecans – 3, 5, 15, & 25 lbs

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Pawnee pecans are a medium sized pecan variety that are harvested early in the season. Pawnees are usually harvested from the end of September through the beginning of October.  These delicious pecans have a nut count of around 52 nuts per pound. The pecan meat has a beautiful golden color and a rich buttery flavor and also has a thin to medium shell thickness with an occasional light speckling.  This particular variety has become a favorite of many of our customers because of their easiness to shell.  Be sure to add this flavorful nut to your order while supplies last!

While we label all packages as Fragile, due to the roughness of the shipping companies and the thin shell of the pecan some of them may be cracked upon delivery.

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